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Kings Canyon National Park, CA


Yosemite Wilderness, Yosemite National Park, CA


Esther Phan

hello, beautiful people.

it's true.  there are many things i could have done with my life.  i thought about going to law school, being a social worker, or working for a non-profit.  but, i decided to become a teacher...i guess, because i was looking to change the world.

and, after eight years of teaching, i still love it...

each day, i come to school and magic happens in my classroom.  i  teach students who push each other to imagine the world differently.  we talk about what it means to love people, to fight for freedom, to offer forgiveness, to create equality in an imperfect and often broken world.  i push them to step out of their comfort zone - to learn how to write better, speak articulately, and think outside a textbook into the world that they will one day become leaders of.   there's no other job in the world quite as perfect as this one for me.  what would a quirky, deeply reflective, idealist like me do with her life anyways?

so, here's to another year of teaching beautiful children :) 08.14

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

has learning history changed you?


I remember the bravery and courage of an ordinary citizen Oskar Schindler.  In the clip from "Schindler's List," he bribed and persuaded officials into letting him harbor Jews as workers.  His devotion to his moral compass will stay with me as an image of a broken, fleeing Schindler who regrets not having done more.  If I encounter a situation that he was in, I hope to be even half as brave. - Elliot


I was more of a violent person than a peaceful person before I started this class... I always thought violence was the solution to every world problem. However, after learning about a few things such as how Gandhi gave independence to India just by using nonviolence - I started to understand that peace and love were a much better solution. World History class has shaped me into becoming a more peaceful person. - Varun


I learned in history that the weak can beat the strong. In the French Revolution, the peasants overthrew their king, which taught me that no matter how weak you are, you can always beat the strong. The French Revolution inspired me to believe in myself. Whenever I play my 6 foot, 2" brother in basketball, I still believe I can beat him. I have at times lost to him and I have won, but I will never stop believing. -Brian


I can't put into words the person I want to be... I want opportunities to travel, fight diseases, end wars, stop dictators, find hope and peace, help find cures and influence people. I don't need to be known, just noticed in people's hearts I've healed.  - Elizabeth


When I decide to take over the world one day, I am glad that my World History class taught me how to correctly run a vast empire. I learned from the mistakes of those before me and I will not let history repeat itself. Because of your integral role, I will designate a small country of your choosing to become Esthertopia with a capital city of Leelopolis." - Pargot



Contact Information:

email: esther_phan@fuhsd.org (best way to reach me) 

phone: (408) 366-7700 Ext. 6813

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary