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Linda Nichols Locker

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Linda Nichols



Friday, October 29th PE 9 classes will be learning Michael Jackson's "Thriller" dance.

Awards for the best costume (make-up, hat, or mask)

Don't forget your homework: Watch the "Thriller" links and


25 Thrilling Facts About Thriller

LHS ZOMPE “ Thriller”Choreography

LHS  ZOMPE  -“ Thriller”Choreography

Original choreography by Michael Jackson, reconstructed by Susan Ganske

  • Begin in your grave, slow rise to stand. STARE!
  • MARCH3 steps - head snap  right – repeat.
  • ZOMBIE CHASSE- T arm pose, step right drag left, 4x
  • Swim step right 2x, ½ turn, Swim step left 2x
  • ¼ turn right Stomp- throw head, Drop- Flop
  • Shimmyup- LOOK & Point Left, right hand to belly
  • Bouncehip pop 4x
  • Pivot push turn-right foot pushes 8x
  • Wave-right fist 8x
  •  Puppy Paws Shake3x right- reach right arm up right diagonal, lift left leg

Repeat to left. (2x)

Break Moves

  • Pivot push turn-right foot pushes 8x
  • Wave-right fist 8x
  • Puppy Paws Shake3x right- reach right arm up right diagonal, lift left leg

Repeat to left. (2x)

Thriller Chorus Moves

14- Clap- Slap step out left- Squat hands on knees, shimmy drag step- STOMP

15-Bear Paws Walk- Pose, turnPose, turnPose

16-Zombie March  3 steps – LOOK- March 3 steps ( moving to the back)

Repeat 1-10 and Chorus 2x more

ZOMBIE FREESTYLE DANCEduring poem reading.

ZOMBIE SHUFFLE STEP 8 xmoving to finale formation during singing.

Hook up- group roll high-low-high 2x- (roll left – center- right – center)

Sink & Crawlinto your grave. Shiver- Pose- LAUGH!

The end                                                                                                                      Ganske 2010