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ASB Athletics




Community Link




Public Relations



Spirit & Rally




Student & Staff Recognition

Leadership Team


President: Divya Saha

Vice President: Sarah Tang

Secretary: Ruchi Pandya

Treasurer: Amit Pasupathy

Social Manager: Caitlin Lee

IDC Representatives: Arnav Mishra and Rani Mavram



Class of 2013 (Seniors): Tara Pichumani

Class of 2014 (Juniors): Julia Wang

Class of 2015 (Sophomores): Prashant Pokhriyal

Class of 2016 (Freshmen): William Shan



ASB Athletics: Annette Ma, Anshul Shah


Athletics Commissioners promote school spirit by recognizing and encouraging student and staff support of all athletic teams.  They work with other commissions to recognize Lynbrook’s athletic achievement.  Athletics Commissioners also help organize the Game of the Season, Senior Awards Night, Vikepound shirts, and fan involvement at all games.


Clubs: Hana Kim, Jimmy Jiang, Sophia Meng


Clubs Commissioners manage clubs on campus, organize ICC meetings, Food Club Day, inform clubs of campus and district rules, oversee the club webpage, maintain fundraising applications, keep calendars and records of events, and act as a link between clubs and ASB.


Community Link: Anna Her, Hima Rajana


The Community Link Commission plays an integral part in bridging the gap between the Student Body, ASB, and the community through a variety of events. Community Link also chairs Lynbrook’s Legislative council, a council comprised of third period representatives, who take part in school-wide decisions and help increase communication between the Student Body and the ASB.


Technicians: Neil Thekdi, Eshaan Gandhi, Ian Pearman


In order to spread awareness of events and promote our school, the Tech Commissioners take photos and videos of ASB events including rallies, brunch activities and dances. They help publicize events, manage the Student Life portion of the LHS website, and work with other technical aspects such as filming and operating the sound system.


Public Relations: Gaby Chan, Shiho Koike


Public Relations Commissioners provide much needed service to our student body by promoting ASB events and activities including homecoming, dances, spirit weeks, etc. through announcements, posters, flyers, stickers and other creative ways. Commissioners are also responsible for regularly updating LHS marquee. 


Spirit & Rally: Ajay Shenoy, Kelly Masterson, Sasha Wooton


Rally Commissioners play the biggest role in the rallies, organizing the themes, games, script, and presentation of sports teams. During the rallies, they may have center stage as MCs.  During other events, they may introduce activities, classes, speakers, etc.  They work closely with Historians in video production and will work to promote student involvement in all activities.


Social: Sarah Kim, Meera Trisal, Mira Thekdi


Social Commissioners are in charge of overseeing and planning fun events and activities such as school dances, formals, fashion show, brunch time activities, etc.


Student & Staff Recognition: Karen Hao, Prasann Ranade, Brian So


To promote a positive atmosphere, Student & Staff Recognition Commissioners recognize their fellow students through awards such as Activity Points Sheets and Spirited Students, as well as the Lynbrook staff through appreciation weeks and birthday celebrations.  They keep their eyes and ears open for accomplishments of staff and students in order to publicly recognize them in unique and creative ways.